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You've made it through the worst part – now we're helping you with the “HOW” to moving FORWARD.

We've Cracked The Code. 

Widow Life Coaching That's Also A COURSE.


We've created A LIVE coaching program that not only gives you live 1:1 coaching, but also literally walks you through the HOW of creating a realistic ACTION plan to:

  • Parent Grieving Kids
  • Discover Your TRUE “After-Wife” Identity 
  • Rebuild Your LIFE
  • Find Your Purpose + Passion

Our program is LITERALLY something you don't see everyday – because it takes your average grief coaching program, nixes the “grief stages” idea and inserts the fact that Widowhood is a journey – not a doomed destination, and widows DO have the power to accept and positively influence their own journeys.

With that in mind we've combined our experience based connection coaching with gradual action based coaching. This includes tangible takeaways (like the action plan) for those that need more support than just words and 1 hour
sessions. The Result? Connected coaching + gradual action = purpose driven momentum.

You've seen what you CAN'T control on this journey…
let us show you what you CAN .  

Dynamic Duo – Maya + Vioree

Two Coaches, Two Approaches

Maya Tyler and Vioree Brandon are both authors, moms, coaches – and of course WIDOWS. Though we coach within the same platform and principles, we each bring a different technique and style of coaching that when blended, renders a well
balanced result.

That “YES – I GET YOU!” connection with a coach who truly understood being in our shoes, is necessary, in our book – something many widows don't have but desperately need in their lives. And guess what? We give you not one coach in
your program; that totally gets you – but TWO. We work together.

It's The “Together” For Us…

The Secret To Our Success

So what's the secret? Why are we different? It's our approach. We believe Widow Coaching is done “Better, TOGETHER”. 

(Yes, there's a recurring theme here!) 

After spousal loss, you feel more alone than you've ever felt before. No one gets it, and help is scattered and hard to find.

Together, using our combined widowed communities, professional connections and references for our personal experts we are able to help you get actionable solutions for just about any widowhood question or dilemma you can throw at us!

We also pride ourselves on the fact that we don't give you generic advice, then leave you in the mess. We apply our coaching and networks to work thru your storms WITH you, so that you know HOW to help yourself, and eventually can
do it on your own – but the first time around, we are right there holding your hand.

We believe in our motto, “Better Together”. And that definitely makes a big difference.

Client Testimonials

Don't take our word for it – here's what our clients have to say #WidowSisters:

“I was hesitant to enroll because I was sure that eventually I would “Come out of the grief haze”. I was sure the guy I was dating would make me feel whole again and I could just move on. I was wrong. When I finally did it, [Enrolling
in the program] it showed me how to build ME so that no matter what mess or moment I find myself in, I can depend on ME, my CORE VALUES and my purpose to rev me back up, remind me who I am and what I can do, and keep me feeling the
most ME I've ever been. Thank you so much.

S. Johnson

“I would describe the coaching as amazing, thorough and ACCESSIBLE, which is awesome. The program is extremely supportive and motivating and the course provides the structure that I need. I'm SO grateful to have found all of the above!”

M. Segal

I tried everything I could think of to reinvent myself on my own. It was crazy, I ran across this ad on facebook – and I was skeptical at first ( because I tried self help books, grief conferences and women empowerment seminars and all that) but THIS course showed me what I really needed – which was WHERE to start, specifically in MY situation and how to keep myself motivated in the middle of REAL grief life.”

A. Rossi

Our Team

Meet Our Widow Powered Team! 

Maya Tyler

Self Love + Strategic Recovery Coach 

 Vioree Brandon

Clarity + Transformation Coach

Aryssa Blake

Executive Admin Extraordinaire

Tia Dubose

Financial Planning + Management Team Lead

Let's Talk – 1:1 FREE Strategy Session

Not sure if this is for you, what a “widow coach” even IS, or how to get started on your journey forward without feeling the GUILT, OVERWHELM or UNCERTAINTY that comes with fitting into this “new normal”?

It's a LOT. We know.

We GET you, so we've got you covered. Come on over and experience a chat with us, 1:1 to get your questions answered, and let's talk it out together to see if you're a fit for one of our coaching programs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

“What if I'm in a relationship or remarried?” 

Widowhood life has many stages and areas where coaching can still be extremely helpful. Collectively our coaches have experienced over 20 years of widowhood, including dating, re-marriage, live-in partnerships and more. Of course – You
are welcome here too.

“What if i dont want a whole online course, just personal coaching?”

No prob. Everyone learns and absorbs info differently – we have a program for that! 

“What if I'm a NEW widow?”

We don't believe in “timelines” for grief recovery. If you believe you're ready – make the call. We personally interview each potential client, and base program acceptance on our ability to help you wherever you are right now. If
we can help – we'll help. If we cannot – we will direct you to someone who can. It's that simple.

“What is the investment?”

That depends on your program, sis! But we're happy to jump on a free 1:1 strategy call with you to find out we offer that might be a fit for you!

Ready to Find Your #NextYOU?

Let's Heal Forward, Together.

BBP DISCLAIMER: Results mentioned in this page and throughout my presentations are my clients' true stories. Pictures and names have been changed to protect privacy if requested. Coaching is not therapy, and there is no guarantee that
everyone will achieve the same results. Individual outcomes depend on openness, tenacity, and willingness/readiness to move forward – not just move on. This is not for you if you're looking for a quick fix, or a magic secret. It takes
work, and we pride ourselves on the work we commit to with each client.

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