Quick Facts: What's In The Course...


Learn my 3A method for how I went from a depressed, angry, broke and scared single mom to happy, financially thriving stable confident independent super mom. Hone in on, and put to USE the REAL things that help you get and STAY happy, healing and moving forward


Gain Access to MY team of licensed financial and benefit professionals specifically versed in widow recovery to get your burning questions answered. You don't have to do that mountain of paperwork alone ANY more. Get ACTIONABLE tax, social security, benefits, and financial information that you can start implementing ASAP.


Create and Execute a personalized plan – that I will walk you through, step by step!! – that specifically maps out how YOU can successfully transition from where you are right NOW to the best version of you in your next chapter.Let’s Build Your #NextYOU

Course Grads Said...

I couldn't figure out how to sort thru all the mess being a “widow” had me in. This class really helped me sort out my in-law money issues and how to get help from friends and fam without being too dependent. THAT is a big deal to me. I needed to know how to do this single mom thing (with 3 boys!!), get help – but not feel like I was a burden now, or have too many crutches. Now I’m financially confident, and sane because I can afford the help I hired now! Lol   Thank you SO much, Maya Tyler, for this class. I will spread the word to my other widow friends. This is necessary!”

K. Steinberg / BBP Course Student

“I went from depression and hopelessness to having a direction and actually working thru this grief thing. I am so proud of myself. I can't believe all that I’m doing and finishing every day now, with how I was feeling before. I look forward to my days. And that is a much bigger deal than I can express here. ”

Erica May / BBP Course Student

“I tried everything I could think of to reinvent myself on my own. It was crazy, I ran across this ad on facebook – and I was skeptical at first ( because I tried self help books, grief conferences and women empowerment seminars and all that) but THIS course showed me what I really needed – which was WHERE to start, specifically in MY situation and how to keep myself motivated in the middle of REAL grief life.”

A. / BBP Course Student

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