What does that mean to me? It means FINDING my purpose, creating a life that could manifest it and support it – and then LIVING it…

My Widow Story

27 years old. 2 kids. Depression. Anxiety. Sudden-Single-Mom FEAR. This is my widow story, of how a nightmare lead to my dream life…

My 3A Method

10 years and 600 WIDOWS later – here's my tried and true method to “bouncing back”- living your best life after loss.

Kristen Bethune

Completed : BreakThru2NextYou 60 Day Course + Coaching Program

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“I was so down. I felt like no one else GOT it – that I didn't just want to be someone new – I wanted to FIT into this new world his death put me in. I felt lost, and had no motivation to live without my husband. A family friend got me to take this course, (after much convincing!) and I’m so glad she did. Now I’m actively moving forward. Doing stuff that’s building the next version of me. I’m actually freaking excited about it!

Char B.

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